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Welcome to Singapore Comedy Show! This site features Joseph Then, Singapore Premier Comedy Ventriloquist.

As a background, Joseph is a Singapore based comedy ventriloquist with over 15 years of performing experience.

Since 2006, Joseph has performed over 1,000 shows and has entertained in various types of events ranging from family days, cocktail events to corporate dinner.

Be sure to check out his videos and his puppets profile!

Joseph Then
The Comedy Ventriloquist

As a veteran performer, Joseph has entertained audiences all over the world. Branded as “The Funniest Ventriloquist In Town”, Joseph’s wide variety of puppets and innovative ventriloquism acts make his show a unique show piece.

Joseph’s show is hilarious, clean and edgy. Joining Joseph is a range of unique puppets that will bring laughter to your event!

Some of his highlights include:

  • Featured Performer, “Heritage of Singapore” (2015)
  • First Singaporean to perform in VentHaven (USA) 2014 & 2017 International Show
  • Featured Performer, Ignite Faith Gala Night (2013-2015)
  • Guest Performer for Phua Chu Kang’s 20th Anniversary show at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (2017 & 2018)
Singapore Comedy Show - Joseph Then
Singapore Comedy Show - Joseph Then

Corporate Comedy Show

If you are looking for a unique comedy show that will spice up your event, this comedy show is suitable for all corporate events, luncheon and dinners.

Joseph’s comedy ventriloquism show has brought him to perform a number of corporate events in many countries including Malaysia, Maldives and USA.


Your Preferred Corporate Comedy Show

Joseph Then’s corporate Ventriloquism comedy show is a ‘must-have’ showtime for your events. If you are looking for a fun-filled Singapore comedy show be sure to look out for this show.

Visit this website for more information about booking the show, or contact Joseph Then directly at or call him at +65 9680 9545


What is Ventriloquism?

Ventriloquism is a performing art that existed since the 17th century. It started as a religious practice and it was widely used to converse with the dead or the spirits from the deep. (Yes, it has a dark beginning!)

Near the end of the 18th century, ventriloquism has evolved into a form of entertainment and has its footing in England. Some of the famous ventriloquists at that time include Joseph Askins, James Burne, Arthur Prince, and George Sutton.

The Beginnings in England

Fred Russell, a popular British performer, started a different approach in ventriloquism: A communication between the puppet and the performer. This form of dialog performance has influenced other performers to do the same. As such, Fred Russell is known as the father of modern ventriloquism.

Popularity in America

America started to catch on to this unique art shortly, with The Great Lester becoming the most popular ventriloquist. One of his students, Edgar Bergen, outshine his accomplishments. With his sidekick Charlie McCarthy, he became a major star in movies and radio.

Edgar’s influence has inspired many ventriloquists: Paul Winchell, Jimmy Nelson, Senor Wences, Shari Lewis, Willie Tyler, and Jay Johnson. Each performer has garnered the popularity of ventriloquism and became a popular star of their day.

Ventriloquism Today

Today, many ventriloquists have found success in many areas. Jeff Dunham becomes the highest-paid touring comedian in the world. “Got Talent” shows see winners in Terry Fator, Paul Zerdin, Darci Lynne, Zillah, and Le Cas Pucine.

Ventriloquism in Singapore

The most popular and recognizable ventriloquist in Singapore has to be Victor Khoo (1950-2014). He popularized the show and people today would still remember the popular duo of “Victor Khoo and Charlie”. Other popular ventriloquists include Patrick Wan, who is still an active and popular ventriloquist in Singapore who found success locally and internationally.

Joseph Then decides to promote ventriloquism as a form of art and entertainment. Focusing on comedy, he creates one of kind comedy show that will entertain the audiences.

Ventriloquism – For Kids Or For Adults?

Many people feel that ventriloquism is for kids as it involved puppets. This is not true and ventriloquism caters to both children and adults. Ventriloquism is very much a popular entertainment for adults and you can find ventriloquists in many corporate events and events at comedy clubs.

Children's comedy shows focus on cute, nonsensical comedy scripts. Adult comedy shows are more complex and they can be anecdotal, hyperbolic, slapstick, and more.

Joseph Then’s ventriloquism comedy show is observational, topical, and most importantly, clean. The show is perfect for any corporate event.

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